Can Mystery Shoppers Help Me Evaluate My Law Firm Marketing?

How can mystery shoppers help with your law firm marketing?Mystery shopping is an evaluation tool that useful not just to retailers, but also to law firms. This tool can help an attorney to determine whether his or her legal marketing strategy is carried out in the manner that it was designed to. Two ways to implement mystery shopping include evaluating the attorney website and the in-person impression of the law firm. The mystery shoppers can either be the attorney himself or an outside party. The following are a list of ways that mystery shopping can improve legal marketing campaigns.
  • By pretending to be a potential client and navigating through the law firm website, the lawyer can get an idea of the overall impression that visitors leave with after visiting the site.
  • By using an in-person mystery shopper, the attorney can evaluate the appearance of the staff, the appearance of the office, and the professionalism of overall interaction.
  • By using a website mystery shopper, the lawyer can determine whether the site should be improved to make it easier for potential clients to reach out and contact the firm.
  • By using in-person mystery shoppers, the law firm can identify areas of client interaction that need to be improved.
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