Can you explain more about keywords? I’m not sure I’m using the right ones.

Sure! Key words and phrases are essential to improving your legal website, so you will want to choose the most effective words as well as their placement. After all, your words must work for two different audiences: the search engine robots who will index your site, and the human readers who need your services.

The key to writing effective content for your legal website is to make your pages keyword-rich, but place your words carefully. Organic search is the largest driver of web traffic, meaning the words you use and how often you use them are equally important.

When choosing your legal website keywords, remember the three P’s:

  • Phrasing. Sit down and consider the kinds of cases you want. Make a list of all the possible ways someone looking for your services would search for it. Ask friends and family what they would type into a search box to find you. Remember, you’re targeting laypeople, not lawyers.
  • Placing. Once you have a list of strong keywords, you must integrate them into your content in a way that is suggestive, but not off-putting. One key phrase per 200 words is a good density to aim for; any more and it is likely to distract from your message.
  • People. There are a number of writers, website designers, and other providers who can help you craft compelling and search-oriented content. A good designer will know about “behind the scenes” optimization, while good copywriters will be able to appeal to your reader’s emotions on the page.

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