I’m a personal injury attorney, so most of my keywords revolve around “injured in a car accident,” or “injured on someone’s property.” Won’t a lot of other attorneys be using these keywords, too?

Sure, but that’s not all bad. If there are several popular terms that are being used to find your competitors, you would be wise to let your customers know that your services are available in this area, too.

Remember: your keywords must be both popular and competitive to draw in your ideal clients. Popularity refers to the number of times your potential clients search for a particular a key phrase during a specific period of time. Competitiveness is a term used to describe the number of webpages that are optimized for that particular key phrase.

This does not mean you should seek out the top five most popular terms and use them repeatedly throughout your site. If 100,000 people are searching for “personal injury attorney in Atlanta,” you probably aren’t going to be on the first page of search results using that term.

Whether you just started your online campaign or you’re trying to improve your firm’s personal injury attorney marketing, the best rule of thumb is to strike a balance between popularity and competitiveness. You will have more success finding a less popular keyword phrase that has a lesser amount of competition.

So how do you find your perfect keyword phrases? There are many different search engine optimization firms that can help you choose and implement keywords effectively. If you want to go it alone, there are a few online programs (such as Google Analytics) that can help you discover which phrases are being used to find your site everyday, helping you hone your marketing campaign.

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