Do clients view me as replaceable? I want to develop long-term attorney-client relationships. Can a legal marketing consultant help me with that?

A legal marketing consultant may be able to help you achieve your goals of becoming a trusted lifelong legal advisor rather than a transactional attorney. Of course, many of the changes will have to do with how you practice law and the business practices of your law firm. However, once you have committed to this method of legal practice, a law firm marketing consultant can help you advertise your way of doing business to prospective clients.
Part of developing an effective attorney marketing campaign is accentuating what is different about your law firm. You want clients to know that calling you is not the same as calling any personal injury lawyer, divorce attorney, or bankruptcy law firm in your area. Instead, there is an extra benefit to calling you.
Your complex legal marketing campaign will likely take advantage of several different forms of attorney advertising, including one or more of the following: radio ads, television ads, pay per click ads, websites, press releases, and more. While your methods of advertising your law firm may be diverse, there should be a common strategy and a common message.
Are you are committed to being irreplaceable? If you want to work with your clients over the long term, then please contact an experienced legal marketing consultant at 703.591.9829 for more information about how to effectively get your message across to prospective clients.
Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.