Do handwritten notes really matter to clients?

When it comes to time management, it’s hard to get a concrete idea of what kind of return you see on the investments you make. How can you estimate the profits you will see from spending a little extra time keeping up with past clients, or reaching out to potential clients whose contact information you have acquired?

But sometimes the little touches can be remarkably effective law firm promotional tools. For example, a hand-written note really can go a long way to keep you fresh in the minds of the members in your community.

Why pen and paper still beat printers and toner cartridges

When it comes to dynamic legal marketing, one of the best things you can do is maintain a positive image with your community and the businesses and people within it. A lot of legal practices send periodic law firm newsletters or emails to their contacts to keep them up-to-date, or send informational statements that are in their area of interest.

A handwritten note can take that gesture to the next level.

Almost everyone has gotten a hand-written note that looks friendly, only to realize it’s a stamped-on label. Or there’s the printed-out envelope that’s supposed to look hand-written! It should look like a nice touch, but it just comes off as cheesy most of the time.

The hand-written note, however, can be one of those high-return time investments that will put you at the forefront of potential clients’ memories. Someone sees his name and your name in hand-written ink, and it can make an impression. If it’s something you can work into your marketing schedule, and it’s a client you really want to pull in, don’t be afraid to spend that extra little time.

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