Do you have too many practice areas?Corny as it may sound, listen to your heart. Why did you get into law? What sort of clients did you want to serve when you started your practice? Maybe you aren’t emphasizing that practice area now, in your firm or in your advertising. Maybe you’ve fallen into the trap of believing more practice areas equals more clients.

In either case, your heart probably isn’t in your work, and everything from the general perception of your firm to the level of satisfaction you get out of winning a case will suffer because of it.

Instead of making the decision purely from the perspective of monetary gain, really evaluate the intangible gains you get from the right cases. Sit down tonight and make two lists:

  • What casework provides me with the most satisfaction?
  • What casework frustrates me the most?

If the practice areas on the first list are providing a reasonable amount of return for your firm, even if they aren’t, necessarily, providing you with the most return financially, you have your focus. Retool your firm’s image to emphasize the practice area that means the best for you, and you’ll see: quality prospects will find you.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.