Do search engines care if I say "lawyer" or "attorney" on my law firm website?

While "lawyer" and "attorney" may be interchangeable in daily chit-chat, they can make or break your search engine popularity when writing for your law firm website. Running a test with Google's AdWords Keyword Tool shows that "attorney" is more commonly used as a term on search engines than "lawyer."

Google's AdWords Keyword Tool is a great way to develop your law firm website keywords.
When you plug in both words, it shows that "lawyer" ranks about 9.1 million results from search engines monthly, while "attorney" is used in 13.6 million searches.  But that's not the end of your research!

You may want to try plugging more specific keywords to see how search engines are being asked for them. If you're looking to market yourself as a "Fairfax Personal Injury ______" you need to test both "attorney" and "lawyer" in that blank to see which is more popular. Surprisingly, running that test only generated 210 hits for "lawyer" and none for "attorney" - definitely a keyword a Fairfax personal injury lawyer/attorney could capitalize on while writing for their law firm website in order to capture the attention of the search engines.

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