Does alternative marketing work?

Alternative marketing involves accessing potential clients through non-traditional methods. There are people out there who don’t even know they’re looking for your business, but you could be incredibly valuable for them in ways they’re not aware of. So, if you use the traditional methods, they’ll eventually find you, right? Not always. Sometimes you have to think outside the box for successful marketing.

So, does alternative marketing work? Short answer: Yes. Medium answer: (To answer your question with a question), you’re reading this, aren’t you?

Some law firms just throw their names out there as much as possible on billboards, commercials, and park benches, hoping that when you need them, you’ll remember them. There’s at least one law firm in the country with a billboard that just says, “1-800…” and has a picture of the lawyer, and everyone knows who that lawyer is! But how much did he spend to get that much recognition? That’s a multi-million-dollar ad campaign, and I still wouldn’t call him.

The most successful ad on a park bench or billboard I remember is one that just said, “You’re reading this.” The park bench was only advertising itself! I remember the bench, but I didn’t need it when I saw it at age thirteen, and I still don’t need one. They got the wrong guy.

So how do you attract the people who are looking for you without spending your entire bankroll on billboards and park benches? You don’t get clients by people finding you, you get clients by being where people are looking. Try something new.

You can keep plastering your name on billboards, but if you want to try something new, and try something successful, contact Great Legal Marketing for advice and ideas for alternative marketing. You can also redeem a free chapter of their book online.

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