Does my bankruptcy law firm’s radio ad have to be in my own voice, or can someone else do it?

There are a number of reasons attorneys don’t want to perform in their own advertisements. You can certainly hire someone else to do it; the question is, who should it be?

Before you make your decision, you should ask yourself what kind of tone you want for your ad. It must sound natural (even though it is scripted) and personal (despite being read to thousands of listeners). Many artists do this for a living, including:

  • DJs. It may be worth it to have the DJ at your station read your ad copy for you. Loyal listeners often perceive their DJs as family members. One caveat: hiring the DJ will likely not be included in the price of your ad.
  • Voice actors. If your main concern is having a representative with a strong, clear voice, there are always voice actors you can interview for the spot. If you don’t want to spend the extra money, use someone from your point-of-contact staff.
  • Celebrities. This is the most expensive of all of your options, but for good reason: people love hearing the voice of a celebrity. Choosing someone with a caring personality encourages your listeners to trust whatever he or she says.

If you want to conserve your firm’s marketing budget, the best option is to read the ad yourself. After all, your clients are going to want to hear you eventually if your name is on the front door—and speaking to them directly establishes you as a local celebrity (without the need to pay for one).

Ben Glass
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