I’ve Sent a Customer an Informational Packet. When Should I Contact Him to Follow Up?

In a world of instant communication and immediate gratification, you will definitely lose clients if you’re not responding to them fast enough.

From the moment you receive an inquiry, whether a phone call, email, or online request, you should have an automated response sent out instantly. If your free materials are downloadable, they can be sent instantly, saving you time, labor, and money in postage. If not, your snail mail packet should be stuffed to the gills with your free guide, brochures, DVDs, and any other materials not available online.

You should wait no longer than a week to follow up on the packet, calling the customer to ask if he has any questions. If your contact stops there, you’re probably going to lose that customer to a competitor.

Here’s why: clients do not begin searching for an attorney until several months after an accident occurs. When they do start the search, they will likely contact more than one firm. After the first contact, clients will typically take anywhere from three months to a year to sign a fee agreement with the attorney they have chosen.

This means that you must stay in constant contact with all of your leads in order to bring in new legal clients. Just because they do not respond does not mean they have hired another attorney or given up on their case; it means they are not ready to respond. Many customers are lost simply because the firm gave up too easily, allowing a more tenacious attorney to get that client’s business.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.