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Ben Glass and his team at Great Legal Marketing work with an elite mix of attorneys from virtually every practice area from personal injury to bankruptcy and beyond. We are definitely not for everyone, in fact, while we attract many who "want" to get better we know that only about 20% of any population will actually do the work necessary. The difference in results has nothing to do with where your law practice is located or how much experience you have. This is all about the choices that YOU make.

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  • I hear a lot about Google AdWords. Can a free tool really help me understand if my bankruptcy law firm marketing efforts are working?

    Google AdWords is one free resource that can help you understand if your bankruptcy law firm marketing efforts are helping you attract the new clients that you want to attract with your website. It is worth the time to learn how Google AdWords works and what it can do for you.

    If you use a pay-per-click ad campaign to market your bankruptcy law firm, for example, Google AdWords can identify the parts of your ad that are working and that parts that need improvement. Some of the basic reports that you can access from Google include:

    • Placement/Keyword Report. This report will provide you with information about cost, conversion and cost per conversion. You can see what each keyword is costing you and whether those keywords are converting for you.
    • Ad Performance Report. This report will look at the text of your ad to see how well it is performing.
    • URL Performance Report: This report allows you to determine how well your bankruptcy law firm landing page is working.

    This is only the beginning of what Google AdWords can do for you. If you are interested in learning more about Google AdWords and other tips and tricks for evaluating your bankruptcy lawyer marketing website, then we encourage you to browse the resources available on our website. Take the time to download a free chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book to get an idea of what we can do to help you. Once you are ready, call our experienced small law firm marketing consultants directly at 703.591.9829.

  • How can writing content for other websites improve my personal injury attorney marketing?

    Linking is a valuable resource for legal professionals seeking to improve their personal injury legal marketing campaign. Links to your web content improve the content’s search engine search result ranking because the search engine interprets the content’s popularity as a sign of its value and relevancy. What many attorneys fail to realize is that writing free content for external websites, and linking to that content, can be a valuable legal web marketing tool.

    How does a link to web content you write for another website improve legal web marketing? The link is recognized by search engines and helps to improve the ranking of your site. The following are key tips that pertain to writing the web content for third party websites:

    1. Sprinkle your key word phrases throughout the content, thereby improving search rankings.
    2. Use your name and the law firm’s name as the published author to increase the name recognition of both yourself and the firm.
    3. Offer to write for e-zines, brochures, and legal resource websites.
    4. Write on topics that directly pertain to your niche practice area, in order to build your prestige as an authority on that subject.

    When following these tips, writing content for third party websites and linking to those articles can greatly improve your legal web marketing strategies 

    To learn more about how linking to content that you write for external websites can benefit your personal injury attorney marketing, contact the professionals at Great Legal Marketing. For more information, fill out our online form or call our office today at 703-591-9829.

  • Im a personal injury lawyer. Why shouldnt my personal injury attorney marketing materials advertise that I take all personal injury cases, in order to broaden my prospective client base?

    Our experienced legal marketing consultants believe that advertising that you will take any case may backfire. We understand that you are licensed to take any case in your state, but do you really want the small fender-bender case upstate or the slip-and-fall four counties away?

    A more selective approach can be in your best interest, both personally and financially. If you aren’t eager to take the majority of personal injury cases in your state, then your personal injury attorney marketing should be more focused. Otherwise, you risk wasting a lot of money on advertising that doesn’t get you the cases that you want, and you will waste a lot of time weeding out the clients you don’t want to represent.

    Instead, you should spend your law firm advertising dollars and energy attracting the type of clients that you want. You may be able to broaden the prospective client base that you actually seek to attract by having your attorney marketing accurately reflect your practice areas and geographic area. That way more of the clients who have the cases you want to take can find you!

    A tighter focus on your niche practice area and geographically targeted advertising can mean more time practicing law, rather than traveling on the road. And isn’t that why you chose this career, after all?

    To learn more important lawyer advertising ideas that can help you find clients, please read our book, Great Legal Marketing, watch our videos on Great Legal Marketing TV, browse our website, and contact us to discuss more small law firm marketing ideas. We can be reached via our online contact form or at 703.591.9829.

  • How can I write meta descriptions that will improve my lawyer advertising ideas?

    Despite understanding the need for legal online marketing and search engine optimization, too many attorneys skip the important step of writing unique meta descriptions for each page of online content. Meta descriptions are valuable to an attorney marketing campaign because they provide a summary of the content and increase the likelihood that potential clients will click through to view the web page. When more potential clients click through to view the web page, the chances are raised that those potential clients go on to become paying clients.

    Crafting dynamic meta descriptions is more an art than a science, but there are strategies for strengthening your approach. Here are seven tips for writing effective meta descriptions:

    1. Keep the meta description to approximately 25 words, or 160 characters, or less.
    2. Address a need that a potential client is facing when conducting the web search.
    3. Offer a solution to the need or problem faced by the potential client.
    4. Write unique meta descriptions for every page.
    5. Encourage viewers to click through to learn more by including a call to action.
    6. Provide a compelling description of the content on the web page.
    7. Incorporate the most important keywords.

    Using these tips while drafting meta descriptions will improve the success of your legal web marketing strategy. Attorneys who skip this step are missing out on countless potential clients.

    The Internet marketing professionals at Great Legal Marketing can assist your law firm in incorporating effective meta descriptions into your online lawyer advertising ideas. For more information, fill out our online form or call our office today at 703-591-9829.

  • Pay-per-click advertising campaigns sound like interesting lawyer advertising ideas. I think Im going to give them a shot for my small law firm. Is there anything that I should not include in pay-per-click legal advertisements?

    Pay-per-click advertising has become vitally important to effective law firm marketing programs. Because the advertisements appear only in response to the precise words the user types into his search request, you can tailor the landing page of your website to the exact needs of your potential client. Obviously, then, choosing the right keywords is essential.

    It is wise to recognize that the things to avoid putting in a pay-per-click advertisement are as important as the things that you actually do include in your ad. There are some things that are important to avoid:

    • Very general terms such as “personal injury attorney.” The competition is simply too fierce for those kinds of terms. Instead consider something more specific to your practice and to where you are located, such as “Columbus medical malpractice lawyer.”
    • Negative Keywords. These are words that you don’t want be associated with your practice. They may include terms like “job,” “joke,” “bad,” and “pictures.” You don’t want to attract people looking for a Columbus medical malpractice lawyer job, a medical malpractice lawyer joke, a bad attorney, or pictures of you. Anyone searching for those terms is probably not serious about finding a lawyer to hire.

    To learn more about what to include in your law firm marketing pay-per-click advertising campaign and to find out more exciting lawyer advertising ideas, we encourage you to browse the free resources on our website, to read our Great Legal Marketing book, and to call the experienced law firm marketing consultants at 703.591.9829 to discuss your future small law firm advertising plans.

  • Ive heard that the best marketing for lawyers is online. Should I spend my money and time getting listed on online attorney directories, or should I create my own website?

    Generally, adding your name to online lawyer directories is not a best marketing practice. Many online attorney directory sites will accept anyone who has been admitted to the bar and has a credit card. There is little, if anything, to distinguish the different firms in your practice area, and there is no reason that a client should call you rather than a different lawyer based on the information available on the website.

    If, however, you create your own website and do it properly — so that you show up on the first page of Google results for your chosen keywords — then you will stand out to potential clients. Your online law firm marketing efforts will answer the questions of your potential clients, provide useful information, and be memorable to visitors when they are finally ready to pick up the phone and schedule a consultation.

    Creating your own effective small law firm website is not as easy as adding your name to an already established legal directory. Yet, if you are serious about making changes to your law firm and your life and you are interested in the best marketing for lawyers that is available for law firm, then you will take the time to create a dynamic website.

    Call a legal marketing consultant at 703.591.9829 to learn more. Additionally, we invite you to learn more innovative law firm marketing techniques by reading a FREE chapter of our Great Legal Marketingbook and browsing the other resources available on our website.

  • Is pay per click advertising something I should consider as part of a great legal marketing campaign?

    Pay per click attorney advertising has a lot of advantages, and it can be a useful part of your great legal marketing campaign. Pay per click law firm advertisements show up on search result pages when Internet searchers enter keywords that you have identified with your ad. Other than set-up fees, you typically do not pay for your advertisement unless a user clicks on the ad. Thus, it is often an economical method of law firm advertising.
    In addition to being economical, pay per click law firm advertising can attract the type of clients that you want to call your office. Unlike a radio ad that is broadcast to everyone listening to the station, pay per click ads are targeted to your intended audience. If you carefully choose your keywords and spend time crafting an effective pay per click advertisement, then your targeted lawyer marketing efforts may pay off spectacularly.
    Of course, while pay per click attorney advertising can be a useful part of your legal marketing campaign, it should not be the only component of your legal marketing campaign. Instead, it should be integrated with the rest of your marketing activities. To learn more about effective law firm marketing strategies, please read a FREE chapter of our Great Legal Marketingbook. Follow up by calling an experienced legal marketing consultant directly at 703.591.9829 to discuss advertising options for your small law firm.

  • What are branded terms and how can they result in great legal marketing?

    Yet another important aspect of a pay per click attorney marketing campaign is the concept of branding. This refers to taking ownership of your name, the name of your law firm, the names of other lawyers within the firm, and your website URL. Without claiming these words as your own, your competitors could potentially outbid you and take over these terms that apply specifically to you.

    The concept of needing to bid on words that apply specifically to you may seem surprising to many attorneys. It may also seem odd that you will have to bid on your website URL when it already displays organically in a Google search. However, if your competition bids on these terms and wins, they may steal traffic that otherwise would have been driven to your content. Also, having your website appear twice in a search result list only improves the odds that the searcher will click through to the site. If your website does not appear on the first page of Google results on its own, having the extra listing through a pay per click plan puts the website front and center for potential clients.

    What branded terms should you bid on as part of your legal marketing plan? Some of the words and phrases to consider include:

    • Your law firm’s domain name
    • Your law firm’s URL
    • The names of all attorneys in the firm
    • Common misspellings of all these terms

    For a greater understanding of the concepts that contribute to a successful law firm web marketing strategy, contact a Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office today at 703-591-9829.

  • Do clients view me as replaceable? I want to develop long-term attorney-client relationships. Can a legal marketing consultant help me with that?

    A legal marketing consultant may be able to help you achieve your goals of becoming a trusted lifelong legal advisor rather than a transactional attorney. Of course, many of the changes will have to do with how you practice law and the business practices of your law firm. However, once you have committed to this method of legal practice, a law firm marketing consultant can help you advertise your way of doing business to prospective clients.
    Part of developing an effective attorney marketing campaign is accentuating what is different about your law firm. You want clients to know that calling you is not the same as calling any personal injury lawyer, divorce attorney, or bankruptcy law firm in your area. Instead, there is an extra benefit to calling you.
    Your complex legal marketing campaign will likely take advantage of several different forms of attorney advertising, including one or more of the following: radio ads, television ads, pay per click ads, websites, press releases, and more. While your methods of advertising your law firm may be diverse, there should be a common strategy and a common message.
    Are you are committed to being irreplaceable? If you want to work with your clients over the long term, then please contact an experienced legal marketing consultant at 703.591.9829 for more information about how to effectively get your message across to prospective clients.

  • What legal marketing resources are available to help choose the right keywords?

    Choosing the right keywords is an important aspect to a pay per click campaign designed to maximize attorney marketing. While it is certainly possible to choose quality keywords on your own, there are also several free keyword resources available to help maximize the return on your investment. The following is a brief overview of some popular websites providing this service.

    AdWords Keyword Tool
    This keyword tool is free and offered by Google. It will assist you in finding keywords and adding to your collection. By entering words that you are already using or would like to use, it generates a list of similar words along with data that indicates how frequently the words are searched. This allows you to evaluate whether the words are worth the investment.

    Keyword Combiner
    This is another free keyword tool available online. It works by taking your keywords and combining them in new and different ways. It helps by showing you different combinations that you may not have otherwise thought of on your own.
    This free keyword website offers an interesting twist to the usual keyword finder tools. It works by generating a list of the terms that your competition is bidding on. You can find these words by giving the website the domain of your competitors. It is not always perfectly accurate, however.

    To learn more about finding and using the right keywords as part of a pay per click attorney marketing campaign, contact a legal marketing consultant at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office today at 703-591-9829.