Getting more followers on social media has a few benefits. In a way, having a lot of followers on Facebook is like having a lot of email contacts. They are people you can marketing to with relative ease, plus you know they are somewhat interested in your law firm.

There is more value in a contact on your email list than in social media. Emails, generally, get more attention than a status update. However, that does not mean your social media followers are worthless to your marketing. You can still reach them regularly by keeping your social media page current and up-to-date.

More followers may also equal more Facebook reviews. Most people have Facebook now, and Facebook is putting emphasis on it's online reviews. In fact, if you Googled your firm's name, more than likely your Facebook page will rank high on page one.

In marketing terms, Facebook followers are the equivalent to people who are on your mailing list in some important ways.

  • Permission to market. When users click the “like” button, they are subscribing to your page’s updates the same way they would agree to receive your newsletter, mailed brochures, or email updates.
  • Demographic information. You can easily see a list of those who “like” your page, allowing you to see where your fans are located, what they do for a living, and other valuable information that will help you tailor your marketing efforts in the future.
  • An opportunity to update followers easily. Many people would rather receive your updates through social media than by getting weekly emails cramming their inboxes. Updating your status is not only less time-consuming, it’s less of an imposition on your fans.

Your “likes” also emphasize the social aspect of social media: the more popular you are, the more new users will trust your credibility. It gives you a palpable measurement of the size of your marketing audience, giving you an estimation of how many people—and friends of those people—you have an immediate opportunity to convert.

Ben Glass
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