Help! I finished writing my book, but I have no idea what to put on the cover. Should I just go with a picture of the law firm’s staff?

Your book can be a great marketing tool for your law firm. But it will be effective only if the book appeals to potential clients, and that means you must be attentive to every detail about the book to ensure its maximum impact.

It’s easy to see why so many attorneys make the mistake of a staff photo on their book cover; after all, a lot of books have the authors on the cover. However, most of these are autobiographies—which makes sense, since the book is about them. But this book is not about you: it’s about the reader.

When you’re choosing pictures for a legal book jacket, DON’T USE:

  • A picture of your firm’s staff. The people who support you may be great at what they do, but that doesn’t mean their picture will entice people to read a book—especially if the book has nothing to do with them.
  • Your law firm’s logo. No matter how pretty it is, your logo has no bearing on what your customer is going through. Remember: you want to stand out, not be boring!
  • A blank cover. Having no picture at all behind your title can be just as bad as wasting the space with an uninteresting one.

The old saying is true: people will judge a book by its cover. In order to get someone to pick up (or order) your book, the front cover should have an attention-getting title over a picture that is related to the subject. For example, a medical malpractice book may depict doctors in surgery. Think about what would make you open the book if you were in your reader’s situation.

You should include a photo of yourself on the back cover, as well as a “hook” for readers who are turning it over. Pose a few questions, raise concerns—and then tell them the answers are inside.

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