How can Google Places help my law firm?

Remember when everyone used to use the paper version of The Yellow Pages to find a nearby dentist, plumber, lawyer, etc.? Well, Google Places is sort of an enhanced, more up-to-date, ultra user-friendly version of The Yellow Pages directory listing for local businesses that works in tandem with Google Maps.

When a client searches for a business type in their area on Google Maps, Google Places will pop up nearby businesses that fit that description. It's a great lawyer marketing tool to have your business pop up when a client types in "personal injury attorney"!

It's free to get started with Google Places, so there's really no excuse to skip out on this effective online legal marketing strategy! When you set up your account, Google uses other local directories like The Yellow Pages to populate your listing with information.

You can even add your own changes, link to your website, add business hours, and a ton more. Clients can even leave reviews for your business, helping with your legal marketing word of mouth!

There's no reason you shouldn't be taking advantage of the free Google Places listing your law office can obtain. All it takes is a few minutes of set up and you'll be on the map locally for all your new clients to find.

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