How can I “appeal to my reader’s emotions” when I don’t know who the reader is?

It may seem strange that the best way to attract readers is to talk to them as if you know them—when, obviously, you don’t. However, you’ll get a lot farther with your customers by talking about them than you will by talking about you—as long as you are informative, interesting, and genuine.

For example, imagine that you are a family attorney and your ideal client is a woman who is considering filing for divorce. What would her concerns be? Would she be worried about getting a fair split of her shared assets, alimony payments, or child support? Is she thinking that she will lose her home or her car in the divorce? Address these specific issues in blog posts and articles that will inform her of the difficulties and outline her options. She will begin to trust you as a knowledgeable and caring attorney.

Now imagine the same woman coming to your site, only to find a static page of your case logs, your awards, and your phone number. How does she know that you are capable of handling what she is going through? Why should she trust you? Even if you say you have twenty years of experience winning cases, you haven’t shown her how you specifically intend to help her.

The truth is that reader-friendly content is just as important to your law firm’s online presence as your keywords or video—in fact, probably more so. You only have three or four seconds to attract a reader’s attention, keep him interested, and get him to click to another page or request a consultation. There is a lot of ways to do this—and some surefire ways to get them to close the page.

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