How can I build a solid schedule for my law firm radio advertisements in order to gain more personal injury clients?

While attorney radio advertising is an excellent tool for reaching new potential clients on a personal level, its effectiveness is maximized when the ads run according to a solid schedule. Determining what constitutes a solid schedule takes some effort on the part of the lawyer. The following is an overview of helpful tips for building the right schedule for your law firm radio marketing.

How can you build a solid radio advertising schedule?
  1. Take ownership over set periods of time for advertising. For example, your firm could run its ads either:
    • Twice per day for five weekdays during one four hour period, or
    • Three times per day for three weekdays during a single four hour period
  2. A good target number for weekly ads is between 18 and 20. Your firm can reach this number by choosing an option listed above and then adding in one additional set.
  3. If your radio ads were designed to correlate with a specific show on the station, make sure that the ads run every day for all but one hour of the show. This will help potential clients to associate that show with your law firm.
  4. Run your advertisements a minimum of two weeks per month when targeting a specific news, talk, or sports station.
  5. Continually test the effectiveness of your ads. If there is room for improvement, try running the ads two weeks in a row, or add an additional week of ads to the month.
  6. Depending on the characteristics of your target personal-injury clients, you may want to add more ads during time periods where accidents occur more frequently.

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.