How can I encourage commenting on my attorney marketing blog?

Law firm blogs are an excellent tool for encouraging direct interaction between the attorney and potential clients. Readers can respond easily and quickly to postings, and attorneys can reply just as quickly. Further, when other visitors to the blog see a high number of comments, they may be more apt to read the article themselves. How can attorneys encourage readers to leave these comments?

  • Consider writing about controversial topics
  • Write about topics that affect potential clients on a personal level
  • Encourage readers to post their thoughts and opinions at the end of the article
  • Pose an interesting and engaging question at the end of the blog
  • Write articles that inspire readers to reach out for more information
  • Never delete comments that disagree with the law firm’s point of view
  • Maintain a policy of only removing comments that are defamatory or abusive

Incorporating these techniques into a legal blog will encourage readers to interact by posting comments on the site. Not only can the attorney respond and directly interact with the potential client, but other readers can respond to each other as well. This can inspire debate and attract attention to the article. For more information on how interaction on blogs is an excellent form of attorney marketing, contact the experienced team at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form, or call our office today at 703-591-9829.

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