How Can I Establish Brand Loyalty with My Law Firm’s Clients

Brand loyalty is ideal, but difficult to build for small businesses. When done right, it is an effective way of marketing your legal practice for customers at any level: a new potential client or a previous client looking for representation in the future. However, most brand marketing is done wrong. Before you invest in a branding campaign, you need to understand what that truly means for small law firms.

Typical Brand Marketing Requires Major Investments

How to establish brand loyalty with your legal marketing.TV lawyers will spend a lot of money to show their ads several times a day. The spend is outrageous, with very little tracking. For a law firm with millions at their disposal for advertising, TV ads can be worthwhile. For a solo attorney, they are excessive.

You need to rethink what a "brand ad" is for your law firm. After all, you are working on a budget, so you need to invest wisely and track your return on investment carefully. The good news is by creating trackable ads that focus on direct response advertising; you can brand your law firm and attract new clients at the same time!

Positioning your Law Firm as the Gatekeeper

Think of your practice as a business that sells everything, like Amazon or Google. Even if a customer doesn’t buy an item from them, they will go through them—making that site their natural first stop for questions and the hub of their shopping activity.

You would like to do the same for your legal marketing strategy: make your firm the natural portal for your clients looking for legal information. To position your law firm this way, you have to ask: why are companies such as Amazon and Google so effective?

  • Easy information and accessibility. A major reason people click away from websites is because they can’t find what they’re looking for. Take a look at your favorite websites, from calendars and email to the local deli. Can you navigate with ease? Is the information you need available—and is it where you thought it would be?
  • Fingers in all the pies. A good website goes far, but those sites have a team of marketers on all the major social media sites (and many develop their own mobile apps for cell phone-friendly shopping).
  • An opinion on everything. Shoppers want to do their homework before they buy anything, including shoes, movie tickets, and legal advice. If they like your firm, they’re going to be looking for your opinion on local cases and issues, much like they would look for movie ratings. You don’t lose customers if they read a competitor’s website; you lose if they don’t click back to compare it to what you think.
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