How can I improve my click through and conversion rate using keywords in my lawyer marketing materials?

When measuring the success of legal web marketing materials, the click through rate and the conversion rate are two factors that help to judge whether your content is appealing to potential clients. These measuring tools determine the frequency at which your materials result in either an individual clicking through to your materials or reaching out and contacting you after reviewing them. How can using keywords improve each of these rates?

Keywords improve the search engine ranking of a website or other online attorney marketing material. Search engines like Google use algorithms to determine rankings. When they see keywords used naturally throughout content, they rank higher in the search listings. How can you find effective keywords?

  • Think about what your potential client would type into Google when looking for legal information
  • Use words that the average person would type
  • Include a word that defines the geographic area, such as a city, county, or state
  • Avoid using legalese
  • Utilize web programs that analyze the popularity of keywords, and choose words with high returns but less competition
  • Use keywords more than once throughout your content
  • Use the keywords in a natural, not forced manner throughout the law firm marketing materials

Keywords are important for improving the conversion and click through rates of your online content. To learn more about finding and using the right words, contact the lawyer marketing experts at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office today at 703-591-9829.


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