How can I make a reader interested in my legal website blog post?

It is understandable that you may have this concern. After all, many people are critical of their own website or writing skills. Even if you know that you have a wonderful attorney website and you are an expert on the subject matter you are blogging about, sometimes it is hard to draft compelling words that gets your point across to potential clients while at the same time entices them to call you.

This is why we recommend spending a good amount of time coming up with blog post ideas and looking at other blogs—even those of your competitors—prior to writing your blog post. Instead of snagging someone else’s idea, try to put your own spin on it, come up with your own idea, or take a different stance on the subject matter.

When law firm website content is well written, the words can make readers laugh or cry or feel happy or sad. When readers start relating to the words of your blog, it causes them to continue to read. It’s only through quality content that a website visitor will be interested in your blog post.

If your blog is creative and well written, you shouldn’t have to fear that a reader won’t be interested in it. However, there are other elements of a blog post that can help make it more interesting to readers including:

  • Don’t talk about yourself or your qualifications. Your blog should be about your clients’ (and potential clients’) interests, hopes, and fears.
  • Concentrate your writing on your potential clients’ needs.
  • Try to write about what a client would need advice about.
  • Consider what a client would ask. In fact, think of the issues that real clients have raised most often with you, and gear your writing to those subjects.
  • Draft a compelling title to capture readers’ attention even before they read the entire blog.

Because you only have about 15 seconds to capture a reader’s attention, spend time creating an interesting headline and opening paragraph to appeal to a reader’s curiosity or emotion. If you don’t do this, a reader will quickly leave your site.

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