How can I possibly identify the ideal key phrase for my law firm's website, when we have so many specialties and so many potential kinds of clients?

This is a common dilemma faced by lawyers, who usually don't restrict themselves to one specific area of the law, or who work at multi-partner firms with a broad range of specialties.

The fact is that it may well be impossible to devise one effective, all-in-one, targeted key phrase for your practice's home page, For the vast majority of firms, you'd wind up with an unwieldy monster like “Chattanooga personal injury, car accident, medical malpractice and birth injury lawyers”—which won't impress Google's search algorithm, and certainly won't resemble any of the search phrases typed into Google by prospective clients.

This is part of the reason why the most effective law firm websites consist of multiple pages, rather than a stand-alone home page that tries to be all things for all people. If your website consists of 40 or 50 pages, you can afford to use a less specific key phrase for your home page, say something as simple as “Chattanooga law firm.” Then, for each of your subsidiary practice pages, you can deploy key phrases like “Chattanooga personal injury lawyers,” “Chattanooga medical malpractice lawyers,” etc., which have a fair chance of matching the queries typed into Google by Chattanooga residents in need of a lawyer.

Coming up with the right key phrases—especially for a large, varied law firm—is as much an art as a science, and requires the proper feel for what the average individual would search for in any given situation—not what you would enter in Google yourself, armed with your law degree.

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