How can I write a call to action that maximizes law firm marketing potential?

Writing brilliant, unique, and educational law firm marketing materials will only go so far in bringing in potential new clients to your law firm. In order to maximize the effectiveness of these materials, the conversion rate must also be high. This means that the number of individuals who contact your firm after reading your legal web marketing materials must be high. Ending with an enticing call to action can achieve that goal.

What qualities make an effective call to action in your online attorney marketing materials?

  • Unique, standing out from the other advertisements posted by law firms
  • Very specific, using examples and giving specific steps
  • Convey a sense of urgency
  • Entice the potential client to contact the law firm

It is important to avoid generic calls to action that simply offer a free consultation. Every other legal web advertisement will make this same offer. If the call to action is not unique, it will fail to create any sense of urgency or entice the individual to call your particular firm. Instead, by way of example, offer access to a free report, free book, or a free legal tool.

The call to action is a vital part of any online legal advertisement. Without it, your otherwise valuable and educational marketing materials may never convert viewers into paying clients.For more information, contact the law firm marketing experts at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office today at 703-591-9829.


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