How can I write good headlines for my legal website articles?

When it comes to appealing to their audience, many attorneys make the mistake of setting their sights too low. For instance, you’ve probably seen headlines such as “personal injury attorney,” or “fighting for your rights,” or “Injured? We can help.”

Not only are these uninteresting and uninformative, they are a waste of valuable real estate on your page. Why, after crafting a useful and well-written article, would you neglect to make a headline that will draw your readers’ attention to it?

Before publishing your articles, ask yourself these three questions about each headline:

  • Do you want to know more? Your reader will decide what to read the same way you do: by reading the title and summary of the article. If the headline bores you, it’s certainly going to bore them.
  • What is the article about? Read the first paragraph of text. The headline should summarize the article in a provocative way. Consider the difference between “Common mistakes doctors make in surgery” and “Five mistakes that surgeons make every day.”
  • Have you seen it before? Remember, you want to be different. If your headline sounds too generic or “lawyer-centric,” rather than focused on the customer, rewrite it.

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