How can my legal marketing help me handle “problem clients?”

All attorneys, after they’ve been in practice for a while, will have one or two stories about “nightmare clients.” These may be people that irritated your staff or were disrespectful to you, but they are also usually the ones who took up a lot of your time and were not very profitable.

Your ideal legal marketing system can handle problem customers before they even walk in the door—by letting them know what kinds of cases you take and which would be better handled by someone else. This saves both you and the client a lot of time and money, and lets both of you off the hook without any hurt feelings.

A few guidelines to ensure you attract only the clients you want:

  • Have a clear vision of your perfect client. Share that vision with your staff and marketing team.
  • Direct your marketing only toward your perfect client. Your ideal client should feel as if your website was written specifically for him.
  • Do not feel pressured to represent everyone. Your problem client will likely go to a competitor—and that’s fine. Letting her take up his time is a lot better than wasting your billable hours—which means other clients will come to you.
  • Do not fear that “you will never get another client” if you do not market to everyone. By letting your difficult clients go, you’re making room for the ones you really want.

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