How can writing content for other websites improve my personal injury attorney marketing?

Linking is a valuable resource for legal professionals seeking to improve their personal injury legal marketing campaign. Links to your web content improve the content’s search engine search result ranking because the search engine interprets the content’s popularity as a sign of its value and relevancy. What many attorneys fail to realize is that writing free content for external websites, and linking to that content, can be a valuable legal web marketing tool.

How does a link to web content you write for another website improve legal web marketing? The link is recognized by search engines and helps to improve the ranking of your site. The following are key tips that pertain to writing the web content for third party websites:

  1. Sprinkle your key word phrases throughout the content, thereby improving search rankings.
  2. Use your name and the law firm’s name as the published author to increase the name recognition of both yourself and the firm.
  3. Offer to write for e-zines, brochures, and legal resource websites.
  4. Write on topics that directly pertain to your niche practice area, in order to build your prestige as an authority on that subject.

When following these tips, writing content for third party websites and linking to those articles can greatly improve your legal web marketing strategies 

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.