How come you only do two Seminars a year? Shouldn't you be showing up at the state Trial Lawyer or Bar Association events? When are you coming to my area?

You are right, I'm not a regular on the lecture/seminar circuit. There are several reasons for this. First, I have no desire to travel extensively. Each time I am out of town, it's almost guaranteed that I'm going to miss some of the kids' sporting events or a play or a "back to school night." My family is my highest priority.

Next, as I said before, I am a solo practitioner running a full time law practice. Yes, it helps tremendously to have lawyers from all over the country know who I am, refer me cases and help me track down experts, but the legal work still has to get done. I meet clients, take and defend depositions, handle mediations and try cases. I couldn't do that if I was showing up in a new city each week to do a seminar or speak at a conference.

I have no interest in working THAT HARD in my part-time business.
All of the Great Legal Marketing seminars are done right here in my backyard except for those rare occasions when I have to be in another city for some other reason and I decide to do a "mini seminar." With sold-out seminars each time I do them (including one done each year in northern Virginia in the middle of winter), there really is no reason for me to undertake the logistics necessary to travel around the country, nor to put up with the hassle and indignity of air travel.

Lawyers travel from across the United States and Canada to northern Virginia -- what could be better for me than that? Also (and this will upset some people) I've just found that most of the lawyers who attend a CLE marketing seminar aren't THAT serious about getting better -- they are just "scratching their marketing itch."
Anyone who knows me or has seen me speak publicly knows that I am passionate about helping lawyers improve their practices and their public images so that they can live more sane lives and be heroes to their families and clients.

What little public speaking I do, I most definitely love. I have deliberately decided, however, to keep Great Legal Marketing simple and as small and manageable as possible. It is run on a part-time basis with several (very, very talented) part-time employees and virtual assistants. (One way I keep membership small is by not tolerating whiners. You whine and you are gone.) I love working with winners and I do tend to repel the losers.

Finally, one last (but really cool) reason why I teach marketing and run Great Legal Marketing:
I have hundreds of members of Great Legal Marketing who send me their best new marketing ideas and strategies, "compete" for mention in my newsletter and vie to be included in one of my elite mastermind groups. In other words, I have built a toll booth through which some of the most innovative new ideas in lawyer marketing and advertising pass. I take the best of the best of those ideas and test them in my own practice, refine them if need be, and share them with the rest of the membership. How cool is that?
Finally, as you may guess, my part-time business not only makes my law practice more profitable (because I actually implement new ideas every day), but it is, in and of itself, enormously profitable. I am living the entrepreneurial life: I am maximizing my gifts and talents to provide something that the market believes is useful while maintaining a pretty balanced life. The lawyers who are members, including mastermind members who pay up to $25,000 per year to be in one of my groups, would not remain if they did not believe that they were getting tremendous value out of their association with me. Lawyers are, after all, highly skeptical; aren't they?

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