Your local area probably has tons of community events going on every month and there's bound to be a town crier, community bulletin board or town website that has a listing of them all. Contacting your local leisure services, recreation department, or even the city hall should direct you to someone who can fill you in on what's going on and how to get involved.

Put some careful thought into choosing what community events will most benefit your law firm's legal marketing strategy. Don't spread yourself thin trying to attend every community event; stick to the big ones like parades, festivals, and charity events.

If you've got a niche legal marketing strategy, make sure you're capitalizing on that angle. Theme your parade float around your law firm's legal marketing niche. If you specialize in motorcycle accidents, make sure you've got bikers out there wearing your firm's logo on T-shirts and so on.

Community events that connect to your practice area, such as fundraisers for the March of Dimes if you're a birth injury attorney, will connect you to the community, serve as philanthropy opportunities, and also tie into your legal marketing.

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