How do I find content for my blogs?

The content you write about in your blog posts should be a bit varied from your website articles and press releases. A blog post is a bit more casual when it comes to writing style, meaning your topics can also be a bit more relaxed. Your blog content can come from anywhere - local news, your own website, and even just random topics that pop into your head.

One of the best (and more entertaining) ways to find topics for a new blog post is to see what's going on in your legal world. Look around your local area for interesting news stories that relate to your practice area. Bringing changes in local legislation to the attention of your readers is a great way to not only do them a service by explaining the details in layman's terms, but also inspires discussion about those changes.

Some lawyers use a blog post as a way to spotlight recent articles they've written. When you write an article, think about how to either condense the gist of it into a spotlight blog entry, or use the blog entry as a method of putting in information you had to omit from the actual article. Make sure you're linking to the article in your blog post so your readers are encouraged to stay on your website!

You can also relay local news stories in your blog post, provided you cite the original source that reported on the event. Many personal injury attorneys do this with local traffic accident stories to help raise awareness of the types of accidents that can occur in their area. They also use this as a legal marketing tactic, as readers searching for that news story will now see their blog popping up on search results for the event.

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