I’m Writing A Blog to Promote My Law Practice, and I’ve Quickly Found the Limits to My Writing Skills. How Do I Find Great Law Firm Blog Topics?

How do I find great topics for my law firm's blog?To make your law firm’s blog work as a marketing channel, you not only need powerful lawyer marketing ideas, but you also need results-oriented content. But what topics should you pick? How do you know which ones will work which ones won’t? Ideally, your blog should generate users interest and get people to call you. How you can attain these goals with your blog will depend on your strategy.

Here are four points to keep in mind:

  1. You need to “throw a lot of stuff on the wall” and see what sticks. Theorize all you want. Until you start blogging or have someone blog for you, you can’t know what concepts will resonate with your marketplace and lead to action.
  2. Write about topics that provide value to potential clients. You may find it interesting to discuss the subtleties of a recent Supreme Court decision. That might be intellectually stimulating for you. But is that topic going to help drive business? Are your prospects going to learn anything or gain value from it? Focus on the content that’s going to enrich their lives and lead them closer to their goals.
  3. Don’t be afraid to give fantastic advice away. A lot of web marketers, lawyers and non-lawyers alike, hoard their best ideas because they worry that competitors will steal them. In general, don’t hold back.
  4. Your content should NOT be a complete solution, just part of it. If you give everything away to your clients for free—all of your advice—then there will be no reason why people should utilize your paid services. Your free content and your paid services should work together as an integrated whole. The free content should provide some unique value. But you want to structure the content in such a way that it compels the reader to want to connect with you to learn more.
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