How do I find keywords or key phrases that result in the best marketing for lawyers? Attorney websites appear to be all the same.

You are right. Most lawyers’ websites do appear to be all the same. However, they don’t have to be that way and the lawyers who use a blend of research and creativity to create different law firm websites within the ethical boundaries are often the ones who see the greatest returns on their law firm marketing dollars.

A big part of the success for some legal marketing websites is that lawyers, or their legal marketing consultants, have taken the time to figure out the keywords or key phrases that would work well for a specific firm. Generally, you can figure out what keywords or phrases may work by thinking, and writing, like your clients. For example, the client who was hurt on a New York City street is not going to google “tort lawyer.” Instead, he or she may search for phrases such as “hit by car in Manhattan” or “tripped on New York City sidewalk” or “New York City sidewalk accident lawyer.”

Once you have identified keywords that you want to try, you may research those words or phrases to determine if they are likely to get hits. Google and other search engines have tools that you can access to learn more about specific keywords. You can also learn more about how to do this in our Great Legal Marketing book or by contacting a legal marketing consultant at 703.591.9829 to discuss more best marketing for lawyers tips.

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