How do I get client testimonials?

When you give a client outstanding service, it doesn't mean they will automatically rush home to draft a glowing review of your firm and post it for all the world to see - most of the time, you've got to ask. There's no harm in asking a client for a testimonial as long as you're deserving of it. Clients who receive exceptional service from your law firm are usually very willing to give you a few sentences recapping their great experience.

Once you have established a good relationship with a client and settled a case with them, you can request that they help your legal marketing by providing a client testimonial. Remind them that they don't need to include specific details of their case unless they're absolutely comfortable. The use of full names is preferred, but because of the sensitive nature of some practices, you may want to allow them to remain on a first-name-only basis.

You don't need to badger them for a multi-page review; just ask for a 2-3 sentence short paragraph explaining how they felt through the entire legal process and how your office may have gone above and beyond their expectations. Some lawyers have even gone as far as to ask for video client testimonials, but not all clients are as quick to jump on the idea of talking on camera, so always offer both as an option. Also, only opt for video if that's already part of your legal marketing methods.

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