How do I get more readers for my lawyer blog?

What good is a TV show if no one watches? The same principal applies to your lawyer blog entries. While a lawyer blog is great to help increase Web traffic, if no one is actually reading and sharing your articles from your lawyer blog, there's really not much point in writing them. To get more readers on your lawyer blog, you should provide links to your blog content outside your website. 

You can get more readers on your lawyer blog through linking content to:
  • social media profiles;
  • newsletters; and
  • other places where you have a say in the discussion topics.  

Posting links to your blog on your social media profiles is an excellent way to distribute your content and encourage blog reading. When followers of your profile see a link to your latest lawyer blog post, they can easily share it with their friends.

This goes for sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as professional networking sites like LinkedIn. Participating in web forums and providing links back to your relevant blog entries on similar subjects is another great way to get out there and start letting people know about your lawyer blog.

You don't have to narrow your participation to law groups either
. Maybe you are a divorce lawyer and can participate on a local web forum for people going through a divorce in your area. Perhaps they would be interested in your blog that discusses tax considerations for those recently divorced. It's all about finding opportunities to share and spreading the word that you have great information on your lawyer blog that might interest these groups.

The more your lawyer blog posts get spread around, the better ranked your website will become. The strength of your website can only serve to improve your legal marketing efforts.

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