How Do I Manage my Time Better?

How can you manage your time better?There is nothing else in the world like time. Once time is gone, it’s gone. If you lose money or burn a bridge, you can work to get the money back or try to mend relationships that ended poorly in the past. But time is the only non-renewable resource you have, and no amount of money can buy more of it.

Being efficient and intelligent with your time is one of the most important aspects of running a successful company, and your employers or employees should know this. A strict opportunity-cost mentality should be kept when it comes to time management.

Making yourself available for two hours could help a few employees, but think about what you could accomplish in that time, and what they can learn to accomplish on their own. This theory doesn’t eliminate teamwork, but it stresses time management. So, how do you manage your time better in the office? Here are a few tips from Ben Glass, who has a great deal of information on successful time management strategies.

  • Have goals, and relate everything you do to your goals. Set goals for the short-term through the long-term goals, anything you want to get done before lunch or before you retire, and everything in between. Then, focus your efforts on those goals.
  • Assess your time’s true value. There are things that are worthy of your time at your pay level, and there are things that can be delegated to others in the office. 
  • Limit phone calls. Don’t take any calls or make any calls that aren’t already part of your schedule. If they’re important, put them on your schedule and they should still be important later. 
  • Your current to-do list isn’t working. You know it’s true. Look back at number one. Your new to-do list should create itself. 
  • Let your employees know that your time is your time, and it’s in everyone’s best interest that your time is spent wisely.
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