How do I pick good keywords?

You can have the greatest lawyer website around and it'll be useless if no one can find it. Having good website keywords is critical to being found on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Your clients are searching for specific terms, and you need to speak their search language to pick the right keywords.

Ask current clients, non-lawyer friends and family how they would go about searching for your specific kind of legal help on an Internet search engine. You need to pay attention to how REAL people search, not robots. Don't think that just putting "personal injury attorney" as a keyword for your lawyer website is going to get you ranked on any first page of search engine results.

Your lawyer website keywords should be specific, both in the areas you serve geographically and in the types of cases you handle. You're a personal injury attorney in Fairfax, VA who mostly deals with premises liability cases? Your lawyer website keywords should reflect that, like "Fairfax premises liability lawyer" or "North Virginia personal injury attorney"

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