How do I valuate my time?

Your time is the most valuable asset you have, so you should be careful on how you spend it. The first step in time management is to valuate your time, and that means taking stock of what you do during a typical work day.

When you decide to valuate your time, decide on a day to notate what you do and how long you spend on each task
. You don't need to get specific as to how long you spend on each e-mail you send, but just general timelines will do. Note that you spent from 10AM - 11AM checking e-mail, 11AM - 1PM working on the Johnson case, 1PM - 2PM eating lunch, etc.

When you finish, you'll have a nice timeline of just where your time goes during the day. Then you can do a few things with it. You could average your billable hours (if you run that way) into your time and come up with a dollar amount as to what your daily activities are worth. I find this idea sort of silly, because unless you're running several different calculations and placing different value to different tasks, you know that the time spent checking e-mail isn't worth the time you used to research a case.

The best time management is to use your data to cull out the activities and tasks that take up too much time and don't generate enough productivity,
like e-mail. Take stock of what tasks are important in your day, and which aren't, and change your schedule. Valuate your time and determine which work is most beneficial, then make sure that's your priority for dividing your time.

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