If you think your headlines are boring, you can bet your readers will, too. Not only are those all-caps “INJURED?” headlines trite, impersonal, and desperate pleas for attention, they’re also just like every other personal injury ad on every phonebook and billboard. How are you going to differentiate yourself from other attorneys if your ad campaign is identical to theirs?

To make an eye-catching headline, you don’t have to use all-caps. You don’t even have to use the word “injury.” All you have to do is appeal to your ideal client’s thoughts and emotions in an easy-to-follow format.

Here are just a few headline ideas that can increase your click rates overnight:

  • Numbered lists. Lists (for example, “Ten Ways to Wreck Your Accident Case Before It Even Begins”) are a great way to convey specific information in a short space.
  • Questions. If you phrase your information as a question (e.g., “How Long Will My Personal Injury Case Take?”), you incite curiosity in your reader.
  • Negatives. People want to know what to do, but also what not to do (“Common Lawyer Mistakes That Will Deny You a Settlement”).
  • How-tos. The best articles contain a load of useful information (“How to Protect Your Children from a Pedestrian Accident”).
  • Specific concerns. Your ideal customers will have a specific set of problems for you to address (such as “How Many Kinds of Disability Benefits Can I Receive at Once?”).
Ben Glass
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