There is an almost unlimited number of lawyers across the country specializing in everything imaginable relating to law and more.

When people need a lawyer, they have a few options for searching for the right attorney for them. With seemingly endless ads for law firms of all types, it doesn’t seem likely someone would actually have to search for a lawyer. But understanding where people look when they actually do need a lawyer can help a law firm marketing campaign be more successful. And being at the forefront of each of those searches can give a law firm the ability to pick and choose the type of clients they want to work with.

Here are the four biggest ways people look for a lawyer:

  • Talking to a lawyer they already know. It’s hard to be the only lawyer that people know, but as a lawyer, you probably have a pretty good social network and are at least friends on a professional level with quite a few people.
  • Asking a friend or family member to recommend a good lawyer. Again, you can’t make people refer you to people they know, but you can maintain contact with previous legal clients and stay fresh in the minds of your social network.
  • Consulting the Internet and Yellow Pages. People might just pick up the phone book or do an online search for what they’re interested in. This is where have good advertisements and relevant information can be a game-changer.
  • Calling the last firm they saw on TV. People don’t always want to put a lot of research time into finding a lawyer, but rely on ads to find them. While television advertisements might seem old-fashioned, they’re still a good way to stay relevant and catch the occasional eye.

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