How important is my logo to my legal web marketing campaign?

There most used graphic on a website is, unsurprisingly, a logo. It doesn’t matter if the site is selling pizza, jewelry, or baby food, that logo will be on every page. And that’s fine, since it reminds a customer where they are (your site) and what they want (a lawyer).

Since having a logo is nearly unavoidable, it must be optimized to work as an advantage to the site, instead of merely taking up real estate on the page. Make sure that your logo:

  • Is attractive and easy-to-read. This is for human readers, since the eye is drawn to pictures and shapes. You may have to go through a few drafts to find a logo that gets attention. Have a professional design company develop something tasteful.
  • Is optimized with a file name. When you upload the picture of your logo to your site, you must make sure that the filename is optimized for search engines. Search robots read the names of all images, so “SmithandSmithLawFirm.jpg” will benefit you much more than “Smith1.jpg.”
  • Does not take up too much room. Logos are fine for branding, but they should not be the main focus of your web design. No matter how famous your firm is, you should always focus more on the needs of the client (free offers and information) than obvious attention-grabbing for your firm.

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Ben Glass
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