How Long Does It Usually Take for A Client to Hire an Attorney?

How long does it take for a client to hire an attorney?In our experience, we find that it typically takes a client about 4 -12 months to hire an attorney after visiting the attorney's website if the lawyer uses follow-up marketing.

In many cases, the actions a lawyer takes after a visitor has come to their website called the law firm or requested information are as important as the actions that the lawyer takes to attract the potential client in the first place.

For example, a strong legal marketing campaign that converts potential clients into actual clients typically has a strong follow-up after a potential client has contacted the firm. Follow-up activities may include a combination of emails, phone calls, free offers, and other materials that answer the questions of potential clients, establish you as knowledgeable in your practice area and convince clients of the importance of pursuing their recoveries.

Do not become discouraged if a potential client does not sign a fee agreement within days of contacting you. Instead, use your attorney marketing strategies to help persuade that client to hire you and pursue a legal recovery.

Ben Glass
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