How often should my law firm’s radio ad be on the air?

It’s hard to say. While there are a few general rules for creating a radio advertising schedule for your law firm, it will largely depend on who your customer is and when he is most likely to be listening to the radio. When you have those factors narrowed down, you can start to apply a frequency to your broadcasts.

Here are a few guidelines to creating your broadcasting schedule:

  • Dominate one part of the day. Stations are often broken into five-hour blocks: morning, afternoon, drive time, evening, or overnight. For music stations, start with ads during one block for all five weekdays.
  • Form an association. If you’re advertising during a news or talk radio show, make sure you have ads running every day along with the broadcast so that the listeners associate your practice with the show.
  • Assess by month. The best way to evaluate if your marketing is working is to choose two weeks per month and make sure you are on all week. Choose the first and third, second and fourth, or two weeks in a row, constantly tracking your returns.
  • Add gradually. If your tracking indicates a positive return, add a different block per day or a buy of the weekend, growing toward 18 to 20 ads per week.

Radio marketing buys are often on a sliding scale, and peak times of day will be more expensive than “low” listener hours. However, if your potential client is a night owl or early riser, you might edge out your competition to appealing to customers in the “cheaper” hours, saving you money and earning his business at the same time.

Ben Glass
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