There's a fine line to walk for social media when it comes to interacting with your fans. While you definitely don't want to make your Facebook profile seem like just a newsfeed for your website updates, you also don't want to start posting embarrassing photos of the kids on there either.

When deciding to use a social media profile as part of your legal marketing, you need to establish a happy medium for maintaining professionalism while still showing your clients you're a human being.
Just like your blogs, you can use a more casual writing style to respond to comments on your posts. You should encourage response to your posts by posing questions to your fans, and make sure you monitor the response and reply in kind.

But just as you're getting chatty with your fans on Facebook, remember that your social media profiles are part of your legal marketing and one facet of your Internet persona. Your social media profiles represent you on the Internet just as your name identifies your law firm, so you need to conduct yourself professionally at all times. If you get too personal, you can risk alienating fans and potential clients, or giving yourself a bad reputation on the Internet.

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