How Are You Different From Other Lawyers?

With all due respect, if you really feel that way, you may want to reconsider whether the law is the right profession for you. We all know the stories of people who went to law school simply because their parents wanted them to, or because they couldn't think of anything else they wanted to do for a living. There's no dishonor in admitting that you made a mistake, and that your heart is not really in the legal profession—which is why you're down on yourself to the extent that you can't even figure out why a client would want to hire you!

How can you stand out from other lawyers?Perhaps, though, the situation is less dramatic than that, and the reason you can't think of a way to differentiate yourself is because you're burned out and simply can't find the time to concentrate. It's easy for a struggling lawyer to accept every client who comes through the door, juggle a too-big caseload, and not take the time and sit back and decide where he really wants to take his practice. With your overly diverse caseload, even you can't figure out what kind of lawyer you “really” are: a personal injury lawyer? A misdemeanor assault lawyer? Someone who fixes parking tickets?

At Great Legal Marketing, we know that it sometimes takes a fresh perspective to figure out what sets you apart from other lawyers—and that you may be too buried under paperwork to poke your head out and obtain an eagle's-eye view of your practice, or too disillusioned by the law to much care about your putative specialty. If you need to come up with a “hook” to attract clients, our lawyer marketing experts can debrief you and help come up with the angle you need.

Ben Glass
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