How Will Lawyer Marketing Improve My Bottom Line?

Legal marketing is an expensive investment for any law firm. The costs associated with newsletters, websites, print advertisements and materials, online videos, and television commercials add up very quickly. Today more than ever, law firms must be conscientious of their bottom line.


Legal marketing, when done effectively, is a necessary expense. If you utilize inspiring and informative advertisements that build the trust of potential clients, you will see increases in the following areas:


  1. The number of potential clients who choose to contact your firm rather than any other firm

  2. The number of potential clients who will ultimately hire your firm after reviewing your advertisement and contacting you

  3. The number of new clients with solid and profitable cases that hire your firm


Each of these three factors will lead to an inevitable increase in the total revenue generated by the law firm. Effective and properly executed attorney marketing campaigns should pay for themselves many times over.


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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.