How will limiting the types of cases I take build my practice? Won’t it mean less business?

Only if you measure “business” by the number of clients you have. Many attorneys do just that, and wonder why they never have time for their families and friends—and their bottom line isn’t even stable to make up for it.

Having fewer clients does not mean less business—in fact, it means quite the opposite. You will be building a better, more successful, and hopefully more lucrative practice.

Stop thinking about how you can pull in more cases and ask yourself:

  • Whom do you enjoy representing?
  • Which clients have cases that you have a great track record winning?
  • Which past clients made you feel proud and honored that you were able to help them solve their legal problem?
  • What types of clients (or cases) do you hate?
  • Are there cases you would rather not take on sitting on your desk right now?

These questions aren’t irrelevant: they directly impact your relationship with your customer. After all, you didn’t become a lawyer to help people you don’t like, for a paycheck that won’t let you enjoy the little free time you have. You should like your job, not dread coming into the office every day—and if you’re taking cases that are personally unfulfilling, your clients are going to see it in every interaction you have with them.

There are perfect clients out there for you, and once you find them, all of your legal marketing efforts should be focused only on them. If you do it right, your law firm’s web marketing campaign will make your perfect clients feel as if it was designed just for them. At the same time, all those other cases will realize you’re not a good fit for each other (which is really best for you both).

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