I am interested in creating the best marketing for lawyers at my law firm. How much should I talk about the credentials and accomplishments of individual attorneys?

This question is a good one. Our legal marketing consultants typically advise attorneys not to talk too much about themselves in their law firm marketing materials. 

Best marketing for lawyers is about attracting clients. Clients want to know how lawyers can help them. They don’t care so much about the lawyers, where the lawyers went to school, or the legal extracurricular activities of lawyers (such as bar committees). 

With that said, our advice is not to completely avoid speaking about lawyers at your firm. You should speak about the lawyers as it relates to answering common questions from prospective clients. There should be a biography page on your web site where potential clients can get more information about the lawyers if they so choose. Most of all, the attorneys at your law firm should be easy to reach and contact information should be easy to find on every webpage.

When creating content, it is also important to make sure that the lawyers are relatable. For example, don’t shy away from mentioning a lawyer’s hobby (such as running, golf, or sailing) or a lawyer’s favorite charity, if it relates to the content you are creating. Clients like to know a little more about the attorney whom they are hiring and might be interested in this kind of information.

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