I'd like to install automated client-management software, but I'm worried that the system might go haywire and send the wrong emails to the wrong people. Is this a valid concern?

Unless you're implementing your client follow-up system on a Cray supercomputer, probably not.

We all know about the HAL computer that malfunctioned in 2001: A Space Odyssey and tried to assassinate the crew of its ship—but the fact is that, aside from the way they're depicted in movies, computers and computer programs operate pretty much as they're designed to. It's not as if your law firm’s client management software will be sending death threats rather than follow-up messages to people who have expressed interest in your law practice, or that it will somehow reveal confidential information by emailing one person the details of another person's ongoing or impending lawsuit.

What you may have in mind is the not-uncommon situation where a person's name becomes “stuck” in a bureaucracy's computer, and he winds up receiving multiple jury questionnaires or notifications about unpaid parking tickets. Even if this happens to a prospective client, the worst that can happen is that that person receives multiple copies of the same email, or continues to receive email after he unsubscribes from the service or even calls your firm to get his name off your list. This is unfortunate, but it's not very common, and in the end it's easily rectified—hopefully with a minimum of hard feelings.

Of course, it helps to purchase a client management system that performs as advertised, rather than a cheap software package riddled with annoying (and impossible-to-fix) bugs.

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