I'd like to send a potential client a big package containing my book, my analysis of his case, and a few legal reference articles, but I'm afraid he'll just throw it in the trash. What do you think?

In order to answer this question, it helps to put yourself in the shoes of the "average" lawyer who you imagine you're competing with for this client's business.

Many lawyers, surprisingly, take a dim view of their prospects for landing a major medical malpractice or personal injury case, and aren't willing to make much of an effort beyond sending a simple letter, followed up (perhaps) by a single phone call.

Now look at your strategy from that perspective. Sure, the potential client may be a bit puzzled, or even put off, by having to sign off on the delivery of a five-pound parcel that contains all the documents you think are pertinent to his case. But people who are thinking of filing a lawsuit tend to be voracious consumers of information, and during an idle moment at home this person may well rip open your package and start browsing through its contents. Assuming the information you included is relevant to his case, you've already won half the battle; the other half is when your name sticks in his mind ("Wait a second, he's that guy who sent me that big box") and he actually decides to call you up or visit your office.

The fact is that by going the extra distance—sending "too much" material instead of an easily disposable and easily forgotten letter—you've already set yourself apart from the other lawyers in your area, who aren't willing to make the same investment on what they consider to be a very tenuous proposition.

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