I’ll never have time to constantly make sure my website is running smoothly. Is there any way I can have people report issues without losing my credibility?

Of course! There’s a common business improvement tool that you can use for just this reason. Stores do it, restaurants do it, even your local coffee shop probably does it: mystery shopping.

Using secret shoppers, or mystery guests, to evaluate your business is a wonderful way of finding out what your customers experience every time they interact with it. The best part is, you don’t have to hire an outside company: you can poll employees, family members, and even former clients on their experience with the various aspects of your business.

Here are the major questions you should ask when using mystery shoppers for legal marketing:

  • Website. Ask people coming to your website to compare it to their favorite or most frequently used sites. Is it easy to find what they want? Are any of your links broken? Is it easy to read? Is there a way to ask questions?
  • Social media. Are you being too informal on your Facebook page? Is your Twitter page being spammed by ads? Are the comments being answered in a timely manner?
  • In person. Every staff member is a representative of your business. Is everyone at work helpful and friendly? Are they playing games online, talking to friends on the phone, or ignoring people who walk in the door?

Remember: knowing where you need to improve is the only way to succeed in your legal marketing. Encourage your visitors to give you their honest feedback so you know where to put your law firm promotion resources in the future.

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