I’m interested in legal niche marketing. How can I decide what my specialty should be?

Chances are, you’ve already got a special focus area.

Before you consider changing to niche marketing for your law firm, ask yourself about your current crop of clients—or the ones who didn’t hire you in the past. Which were the most rewarding? Which were the most profitable? Which got you the most media attention, and which clients were so impressed they recommended you to their friends?

For instance, think about how many times you had a client ask:

  • “Have you handled cases like mine before?” If you were able to give many different examples—or one story that allowed you to demonstrate your knowledge—this could be your niche.
  • “Do you think my case has merit?” This question allows you to show not only your knowledge of the law, but also the particulars of each individual case.
  • “What do you need from me?” A customer who asks you this shows that she is seriously considering taking you on—and she wants to be an active participant in her case.
  • On the other hand, think about the questions you’re tired of answering—or the ones that get you nowhere. For example:
  • “How much do you charge?” This client is shopping around for the lowest bidder. Also, if your rates or fee policy is posted on your website, it shows he hasn’t done his research.
  • “How long is this going to take?” While most clients will want to know how long they will be waiting, they must be prepared for the answer. Any customer who storms out if their case won’t be settled by the weekend is being unreasonable, and will likely be difficult throughout the course of his suit.

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