I’m not a writer. How can I be sure the copy for my legal marketing materials is working?

This is a great worry for many attorneys. Since the first contact your customers will have is often with your website, you want to make it an informative and welcome environment for them. They should be able to click easily from one item to the next, feeling as if each article was written just for them.

Impossible? Not so. Here are a few guidelines that can keep you on the right path to great legal website copy:

  • An interesting, provocative headline. Most people spend less than three seconds on a website before clicking away. You need to grab their attention quickly to draw them further into your site.
  • Copy that enters the conversation in their mind. Your customers don’t care about you (at least, not yet). They care about what’s happening to them—and that’s what you should be talking about.
  • The irresistible offer. In this day and age, people aren’t asking what you can do—they want to know what you will do for free (and your offer of a phone number isn’t going to cut it). Your book, CD, or DVD needs to offer information vital to your ideal client—so vital that they would be foolish not to ask for it.

Great website content is a must, but it’s only one component to your attorney marketing strategy. To learn how to take your law firm’s advertising to the next level, call 888-791-2150 today to have our tips delivered right to your inbox. You can also click the link on this page to download your FREE chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book.

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